The Ellen Noël Art Museum has three galleries that total almost 20,000 square feet. All are state-of-the-art, fully climate controlled, and have a high level of security. All of the Museum's facilities provide universal access.

McKnight Gallery

Mcknight-galleryThe McKnight Gallery is the first that meets our guests. Opening to the Museum's Community Resource Room and entrance on one side, and to the beautiful Sculpture and Sensory Garden on the other, the intimate venue is ideal for installations that are highlighted by the open atmosphere of the McKnight Gallery.





Nelda Lee Gallery

Nelda-Lee-GalleryThe Nelda Lee Gallery is adjacent to the McKnight Gallery. Here, artwork can be displayed with full lighting control. Carpeted flooring and controlled acoustics provide a comfortable setting for our guests to view and experience artwork ranging from contemporary works to old world masterpieces.





Patron's Gallery

Patrons-GalleryThe Patron's Gallery is the Museum's largest and newest. It is ideal for displaying large collections of artwork and features articulated walls and display surfaces.











In addition to the three Galleries, the Museum also has a secured receiving area, collection storage vaults, two classrooms, the Nancy Chambers Library for reference and reading, the Rodman Auditorium, and an administrative office wing.