West Texas Triangle



The West Texas Triangle region comprises a sparsely-populated area roughly the size of Ohio that includes The Grace Museum in Abilene, the Old Jail Art Center in Albany, the Museum of the Southwest in Midland, the Ellen Noël Art Museum in Odessa and the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts in San Angelo. Less than five percent of museums in America are accredited by the American Association of Museums, indicating the highest level of professional service, yet all five museums in the West Texas Triangle are accredited. The Triangle was created in 2006 to reflect West Texas as the Space for Art: Open lands, big skies, small city ease, rural charm and surprising cultural sophistication. The consortium provides opportunities for the museums to promote their unique collections to a wider audience, to exchange professional dialogue and to combine marketing costs. Each year the museums select an artist of national or regional acclaim and showcase the artist's work in each of the museums.