Appraising/Conserving Works of Art

While we would be more than happy to look at and assist you in the identification of art works in your personal collection, the Ellen Noël Art Museum is not able to appraise works of art. Please contact the following institutions if you need an appraiser or a conservator.

To locate an appraiser, contact one of these organizations:

International Society of Appraisers
Seattle, WA 206.241.0359
New York, NY   (212) 889-5404

American Society of Appraisers
(703) 478-2228

American Association of Appraisers
Washington, D.C.   (800) 272-8258

For an arts conservator in your area, contact:

American Institute for Conservations (A.I.C.)
Washington, D.C.    (202 )452-9545